Kelly green landscaping & asphalt seal-coating

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 Kelly Green Landscaping  Asphalt Seal-Coating

Licensed and Insured

Asphalt Seal-Coating

We use 100% oil based sealant. A major difference between oil based and water based sealant is how they work. While water based and acrylic sealers form a protective layer on top of the driveway, oil based goes one step further and penetrates the surface, forming a flexible bond that decreases the likelihood of contraction and expansion through out the winter months which can result in cracking. Also can help prevent further water damage if cracking has already occurred while increasing the look of your property.

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Pressure Washing

Using gentle or pressurized water we are able to tackle most clean ups by using pressurized tips which mean's the use of latter's is not necessary. We are able to clean aggregate driveways, side walks, home or business, garage floors, decks and porches and more. Our main cleaning solution is eco friendly and Will Not hurt plants, flowers or your lawn.   

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Lawn Care

Service includes cutting the lawn, trimming the weeds and blowing off the driveway and side walks. We offer weekly and monthly payments to help accommodate a budget that fits your needs.

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General landscaping services such as stump grinding, french drains, small tree and brush removal, hedge trimming, mulch delivery and spread. Excavating for sidewalk, patio's, basketball courts  and more. Have an idea let us help create it!

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